Batter up! How We Met

June 2014-

I, Tiffani, was working at the Utah Valley Convention Center (UVCC) in Provo, Utah as an Event Manager. Josh had just started working at the UVCC as an Audio Visual Technician. He was also studying IT at Brigham Young University. Josh and I worked a lot of weekends together and we ended up chatting and developing a friendship.

Utah Valley Convention Center

We both had a very good mutual friend at work, Maylene. Maylene and I became really good friends, we would chat about everything. She and her friend Loraine helped Josh get the job. Unbeknownst to me they were both pushing Josh to ask me out. I remember one morning Maylene came to me and asked if Josh had added me on Facebook. I was puzzled and said no. She told me he was supposed to add me so we could become friends and he could ask me out. Loraine and her had been pushing Josh to add me and ask me out. I laughed and said, “He’s a BABY,” I told her I can help set him up with one of my friends or even my sister.

Loraine and her husband Karl
Maylene and her husband Scott

FYI. Josh is 4 years and 3 months younger than me. Yes, I’m a double “Mormon” and a double “Cougar.”

Monday, June 23, 2014- FIRST DATE!

Maylene and Loraine’s efforts paid off and the Saturday before we were working together and chatting. He brought up that he played tennis  and said I loved tennis. He said we should play and I was like yeah, sure, whatever. (Sometimes people just say things). He then asked if I wanted to play Monday night after the work barbeque. I was taken aback and said sure.

I almost bailed. I was very tired of dating and very tired of getting hurt or hurting others. However, I thought it would be more embarrassing to bail and have to see him at work than just go on the date and let it fizzle from there.

We met at Kiwanis park in Provo after the work party and played tennis where he ROYALLY KICKED MY BACKSIDE! He felt bad about it but I was adamant that he not take it easy on me. We wagered a Jamba Juice for the winner. I don’t know what I was thinking to take that bet. He won and we went to Jamba Juice where I forgot my wallet so he paid. I told him I would pay him back. He took me back behind the LDS temple to drink our juices. It was kind of crazy because that spot had been a thinking spot for me while I was attending school. Anyways, we talked for hours. I tried to scare him off by being very honest about myself. It didn’t work and he was very easy going about everything. It was fun just talking. It was one of the best dates I had been on in a long time. And so it began…:)


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