Negotiations- Engagement Story

August 23, 2014

People like to ask, “How did Josh ask you marry him?” It’s a sweet and simple story that goes as follows: Two weeks prior, I had been asked my co-worker (Josh’s boss) to dog sit. Not many people at work knew we were dating, but I asked him if Josh could come with me and hang out with me. My coworker was surprised we were dating but said he saw that “we had a mutual affection for each other.”  Funny guy. Anyways, as we were dog sitting the first night, I asked him what he was thinking about it. He said he was thinking about rings. We had briefly talked about rings in a vague sense as we were jewelry shopping for me earlier that week. I asked him what he meant and the clock struck midnight. We followed the BYU honor code and Josh always left at midnight. He laughed as the clock struck midnight and said he had to leave. I was kind of perturbed because I wanted know what he meant. Anyways, the next day, I asked him about what he meant and we talked about marriage. He basically asked when would be a good time to ask. I told him within 3 weeks. As I thought about it, I changed my mind and said 2 weeks.

On Saturday, August 23 I had to work. I was pretty bummed about working because I had tickets to the LDS temple open house in Ogden. I finished work around 5 and Josh took me out to eat in celebration of 2 months since our first date. We went to Black Sheep Café (special place we went to when dating) first but the wait was really long. We decided to go to La Jolla Groves. We ate and then he took me to the temple spot where we sat and talked on our first date and had visited many times while we were dating. We had this tradition while we were dating and engaged to ask a question of the day. It was an idea so we could learn more about each other. As we became situated in our spot, Josh asked me what my question was for the day. So I asked a question. I then asked, “What is your question for the day?”  He pulled out the ring of his pocket and smiled and asked if I would marry him. I couldn’t speak for a few minutes and was super excited. I said, “YES.” He gave me a beautiful gold and pearl ring and I LOVE it. We then called all our friends and family and let them know. Surprising a few. 🙂 Happy night!

Engagement ring
So pretty!
post it
Goes well together! 🙂

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