Signed the Contract! Our Marriage

On Saturday, November 22, 2014 we were married. It was a beautiful, rainy/snowy November day. It sounds like a oxymoron but it was a beautiful day. In honor of where we met (and the nice discount) we had our reception and wedding brunch at the Utah Valley Convention Center. We had our reception on Friday evening, November 21, 2014. We had the brunch Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and then we were married at 12 p.m. in the LDS Provo temple for time and all eternity.

It was a crazy couple of days, I worked Friday morning and then my sister Nikki did my hair and Josh and I had our pictures taken at the temple by my Aunt Charlene and Uncle Tim. It was nice taking pictures beforehand because the only pictures we took the next day were family pictures. After the picture session, we went to my apartment and I was hungry and nervous and so Josh suggested we get food. Which turned out to be a great idea because we didn’t eat anything during the reception. We went to Jimmy Johns and ate subs in the parking lot in our wedding clothes. Kind of funny. We then went to the reception and visited with all our wonderful friends and family. I didn’t realize how many people loved us :). We cut the cake at the end and Josh was nice not to smear it in my face but I couldn’t resist and smeared it in his face. He grabbed me and kissed me and we got cake all over the place. The reception was so pretty and people were so kind.

We both spent the night at our own parents house and Josh had a rockin’ bachelor party with his cousins, brother, and friends. I just chatted with my family and went to bed kind of early. I woke up early to drive to Provo to get my hair done and Josh met me at my apartment. I was kind of scared driving to Provo from Payson because I had to drive my dad’s manual truck with no power steering. I made it, obviously. My friend, Tara, did my hair and then Josh and I went to the brunch. My dad, Josh’s dad, my sister, and Josh’s best friend/cousin, Matt, all spoke at our brunch. We felt loved.

The sealing at the temple was beautiful. I was so happy to be married forever to Josh. He is a wonderful man and even as I write this I feel even more blessed.

Afterwards, we drove to Jackson, Wyoming and stayed there for a week. Josh’s family friends Steve and Wendy so kindly gave us some hotel nights. I had never been Jackson and we explored and ate really good food. My favorite day was Thanksgiving. We decided to make our own Thanksgiving dinner in the our little kitchen area. We bought turkey breasts, potatoes, and stuffing to eat our meal. Steve and Wendy gave us a gift basket of goodies and so we also prepared salmon and apple crisp. We forgot some ingredients so we got some milk, butter, salt and pepper, and oatmeal at the continental breakfast. It worked out well and we had a full Thanksgiving meal. Super fun!

We had an amazing week and a half and even more great is that we we’ve had an amazing seven months. Life with Josh is a HUGE blessing!

T and J 44a

T and J 58

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