Timeouts! Pueblo and Powell

We visited the Browns in Pueblo in May 2015. It was super fun! My sister Nikki and her husband and two kids live in Pueblo. We relaxed and played with the kids at the playground. We toured downtown Pueblo and ate Mexican food. We played with Star War figurines and worked on our light saber sounds. We cooked lasagna, cheese sticks, and cheese cake. We went to church. We played BANG. AND we just chatted and had a blast. I wish we lived closer. We love the Browns!
The Browns! Mitch and Nikki
Smash car
Before we left Davy asked he could smash our car so we couldn’t leave. We said the car was too big, so he asked Josh if he could smash the car. We said that wouldn’t work, so he said maybe a dinosaur could smash the car. 🙂 As we were leaving he tried smash the car.
Ashlyn & Davy
A few weeks after Pueblo we went to Powell, Wyoming where Josh mostly grew up. Josh’s cousin Matt was getting married and his little brother Eli decided to receive his endowments in the Billings Temple. It was a neat experience and both sets of Josh’s grandparents were able to attend.
Billings, Temple- So gorgeous!
It was such a fun visit. We were able to stay with Josh’s grandparents in Powell and explore the area a bit. It was so good seeing his hometown. On Friday, we went to a historic LDS church that had a beautiful mural for tourists and a little visitor center about the saints that settled the area. We had lunch with Josh’s old tennis buddy Scott and it was fun hearing stories about their crazy rebellious days. We went to Matt and Hannah’s reception (so beautiful) and just relaxed. I love being out in the country. The next day, Saturday we got up early and drove to Billings to go in the temple with Eli and then we came out and went in again for Matt’s wedding. So neat! We went to a local pizza place and Billings and then drove back and took it easy. On Sunday we got up super early, so we could drive back and go to the Payson Temple dedication. It was a time crunch day but we made it and I was so glad to see my hometown get a new temple. It was such a great trip!

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