Decker’s Good Time Highlights (Dec. 2014-June 2015)

Salt Lake Bees Baseball Game with Fireworks. We went to this game with my cousin, Naomi. We ate hot dogs and talked about boy troubles πŸ˜‰ Love that girl, love that boy!
Salt Lake Bees baseball game. Naomi always fusses about having her picture taken, but ain’t she purdy :). Josh and I always take a selfie at a baseball game. This is number two SLC Bees baseball game.
Our first Christmas tree! Funny story, Josh and I kidnapped my sister Stefi (literally we shoved her in a truck) and went shopping for a Christmas tree and bought her a frozen yogurt for being a good sport. She won’t admit it, but she had tons of fun. πŸ™‚
The finished product. The tree actually fell down twice but it was redecorated πŸ™‚ Josh tied the tree to the wall with tennis wire.
I don’t look really thrilled, but Josh wanted to take picture of us taking tickets at an outdoor show we were working together. #tickettakerdate
Josh looks happier taking tickets. It was kind of cold and a Sunday. But I was happy I was with my Joshy!
We decided to hike Stewart Falls together. It was so pretty!
Poser! We decided to go to St. George for the weekend. We stayed in a really cheap motel for like $30 a night. It was pretty ghetto. There was even a note with an envelope from the made asking for tips. haha. We went hiking and out to eat. Fun weekend.
Josh had to pose too for our St. George trip. #sostrong
We love our selfies. We were in St. George and were hiking around Boulder park.
This was Josh’s idea. We decided to roast marshmellows on a sterno in our living room and make smores. Super clever and super sweet date planned by Josh.
Winter fun. We went sledding in Woodland Hills by where Josh’s parents live. My mom came along as well, she took the picture.
We went to Hill Air Force Base to look at planes. Josh has a HUGE obsession with planes and could tell me all about every single plane. #encylopediamind #impressive
Josh makes the best pizza ever. This was one of his creations and surprised me with a romantic dinner.
Josh is so good to take pictures. He’s just serving up one of his pizza masterpieces.
Josh and I went to the Payson Temple Open house with my parents. It was so neat to see a temple in my hometown.
We finally made it to the Ogden temple. We were planning on going to the open house the day we got engaged, but I had to work last minute and was pretty bummed about it. Josh took me and it the temple is SO beautiful.
We made homemade pasta with the pasta maker Josh’s parents gave us. We had to be creative to hang the pasta to dry.
Our homemade pasta meal!
Homemade past making selfie
The pasta making process.
This date was another one of Josh’s ideas. We just bought a 2006 red mini cooper and named her Queen Vicky. She has a sun roof so Josh took us out in the middle of no where to look at the stars in the mini and eat bread, brie, and jam. #soromantic
After work one day, we took Frontrunner up to Salt Lake City looked at Christmas lights. Josh packed a dinner and we just explored downtown.
We made dutch oven pizzas in Spanish Fork canyon. They were amazing!
Dutch oven pizza date selfie.
This was a dutch oven date making cobbler. #soyummy
Josh is quite the chef and made these amazing little cheesecakes to share.
We went to a BYU basketball game with my brother Joseph and sister-in-law Quincy. #gocougs
We had a lazy Sunday afternoon and decided to make a crazy brownie. This is what we came up with…

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