Elder Decker IV

Today was special because we were able to go with the other Deckers and drop Eli off to the Missionary Training Center (MTC). He will serve an LDS mission in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas. He is the fourth Decker boy to serve an LDS mission and his following his brother’s examples of serving stateside (cush, cush :)). Eli gave his farewell talk on Sunday and it was amazing. He talked about courage in doing what is right. He referenced the courage of the prophets in the scriptures and the courage of the military. He’ll be a great missionary! I think the funniest part of talking to Eli before he left was about with what crazy stories he wanted to bring home. Eli told us he wanted to help get rid of somebody’s moonshine (after teaching about the Word of Wisdom) and get a bullet wound in the process. Super random and crazy, but it fits Eli. He’ll have lots of great experiences without touching the moonshine. 🙂 Best wishes littlest brother!

Great family!
Brotherly love ❤
Cute Decker boys!

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