Happy Birthday Joshy!!!!

I want to wish my Joshy a wonderful, happy 24th birthday! He’s an incredible man and I am so grateful to be married to him!

T and J 54
Joshy and me

This is our second of his birthdays we are able to spend together.  I told Josh I wanted to write about his last birthday on his birthday this year, just to reminisce a little bit.

We had gone on a few dates together by the time his birthday rolled around. We had played tennis earlier in the week and for a bet we said the loser had to buy the winner dinner at the winner’s choice of restaurant. Josh added that it would be on his birthday which was later that week. I was a little crazy (or a little in like) to take the bet. Josh, of course, won and he said that we can go to Black Sheep Café. I had been telling him that it was one of my favorite restaurants in Provo and since he hadn’t been there, he chose Black Sheep Café. I had to work on his birthday and so we were going to go to dinner together. During lunch, I went to a Chinese Restaurant with three of my co-workers. They were like brothers to me. At the restaurant, I was reading the Chinese Zodiac placemat (see below) and it told me that I should marry a sheep or a boar. I was looking at the years of the sheep and realized that Josh was born in the year of the sheep. I laughed to myself and thought it was funny. After lunch, I broke open my fortune cookie and it said “Romance will come your way soon.” I was kind of wigged out and realized that Josh and I were going to eat at Black “Sheep” café that night. I’m really not a superstitious person but it was all a little too much for an emotional, slightly uncertain about love, female.  Anyways, Josh and I went to dinner that night and I was little stand-offish because I was a little freaked out. Josh was mortified because it was kind of an expensive restaurant and I had to pay for it. Sweet guy. Even with this, we decided to go for a walk in the canyon.  I ended up telling him all about why I didn’t like dating and that I didn’t like being pursued very much. He took it as back off. Probably fair. It was kind of a rough evening and he didn’t ask me out after that. On Friday, the day after his birthday, I was wondering when I would see him again and I kind of wanted to hang out with him again. Fickle, I know.  I asked him to come fix my internet and television and he wasn’t able to come until Sunday evening. I was a little bummed and realized that I liked hanging out with him and I had a couple days to stew about that. When he came over Sunday and fixed everything (I am quite technologically deficient), I asked if he wanted to watch a movie. He stayed and he still didn’t ask me out. On Monday I asked him to come over so I could give him a thank you for fixing everything. He stayed and chatted but still didn’t ask me out again. Difficult boy. On Tuesday, I was having a tough day and asked if he could chat that night. He listened and comforted me and FINALLY asked me out for Thursday. We had our first kiss on Thursday and we were engaged less than a month later. Crazy, but so awesome! 🙂

Actual fortune cookie message
Chinese Zodiac placemat

Follow up Story: During Christmas, right after we were married, Josh did the 12 days of Christmas to me (SO SWEET). One of the days, he gave me two vouchers for meals at Black Sheep Café. He told me he went to the owner and asked if he could wash dishes or something, because he was a poor college student, so he could give me those vouchers for Christmas. Very touching. Josh told me he washed some dishes, got in the way a lot, and finally did a delivery, before the manager gave him the vouchers to get him out of the way. Haha. Joshy is the sweetest, most wonderful guy ever!

Black Sheep Vouchers 🙂

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