A Summer Past time…

In honor of Wimbledon just finishing, I thought I would share our recent tennis victory. It’s been a fun summer and we’ve picked up playing tennis again Josh’s parents and brothers and my parents every week. Naturally beating everyone we play. 🙂 Only slightly kidding. Josh makes a great doubles partner (it is pretty handy being married to a guy who played tennis at BYU). Our first date was playing tennis and I insisted pretty strongly that he not take it easy on me and I kicked his butt at tennis, not really, but it definitely got the ball rolling for us. We bet on a Jamba juice and I lost. I forgot my wallet because we rode together so he paid. So I had to pay up in the future. I guess it was a good way to get a second date.

Also last summer, we had a big doubles game against my sister and brother-in-law, Nikki and Mitch. It was pretty critical because we had just become engaged and Josh was just being introduced to the family and so he needed to make a good impression. My sister and I had been trash talking a lot prior to the match so a lot of pride was on the line. He came my house super early to pick me up and I noticed he was wearing a skin-tight muscle super hero shirt. I was kind of ornery that morning and told him that I didn’t like his shirt and he should to change. He was taken back a bit at my brute honesty and he changed his shirt. Nice guy. We really wanted to win, obviously, we had put Fat Jacks cheese stix on the line for the winner. It was a tense game and a little hairy at parts. Fortunately, we all forgave each other and had some fun games. Thank you Browns for the cheese stix! 😉

Fast forward to this summer’s victory, the week before Eli went into the MTC we had a big game against Josh’s dad and brother with dinner at Pizza Studio on the line (yummy pizza by the way). There was lots of hype and lots of trash talking prior to the game, because we had beat them before so they challenged us again. Zach even made a trophy for the winner. We started playing and with all the trash talking things got a bit tense again. Dennis called a foot fault on Josh and got in his head the rest of the game. It’s amazing how father’s can do that to their sons. My dad did the same type of things to my brother. Anyways, it was a close match and we had some fun rallies. Thank you Deckers for the pizza! 😉

Our victory trophy!

Thank you to everyone who plays with us. It’s been a fun summer past time. Happy memories!

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