The July Stretch

Happy belated 4th of July and Pioneer Day (24th)! These were great weekends because we got 3 days weekends. Woohoo!

On the 4th of July weekend, we had a fun time spending time with family and playing. We visited the Salt Lake Temple with the Deckers. That was fun. Eli and Zach had never been to that temple. The next day we went to 4th of July party at the Decker’s house and had a barbecue with Hansens. Good family. Afterwards we hung out with Mohrmans and then went to a Mexican restaurant in Provo. Fitting to eat Mexican food on the 4th. 🙂 We were celebrating my Dad’s birthday which was the next day. That evening we were given last minute tickets to the Stadium of Fire from our friends Loraine and Scott. We were both super excited because Journey was performing! After some audio visual difficulties, a man reading his LONG prayer, some cool military flybys, a Disney tween star, and a million girls dancing around soda explosions…Journey finally got the stage. It was super fun singing along to all the songs and dancing. Yes, Josh can dance sometimes :). We had kind of funky seats, but no one was really close to us and the music was great. We were the closest to the fireworks and enjoyed the sonic booms and ash in our hair :). Very cool show!  Thank you so much Scott and Loraine!

stadium 5
Trying to get a selfie with the fireworks behind us
stadium 4
Journey going strong!
stadium 3
Cool panorama of the stadium by Josh
stadium 2
So fun!

July is great because you get TWO firework shows. One year ago on July 24, you could say we officially started dating (and we kissed :)) We went to the fiesta days fair in Spanish Fork and watched the fireworks from the ballpark. We decided to do the same thing this year. We actually went to the fair grounds with my Mom. We borrowed Josh’s parents’ jeep that had no roof or doors and we blasted the music as we drove down to the fair. My Mom said she felt like she was in high school again and then she said she never did that in high school…haha. After we wandered around and ate empanadas and drank Texas Twisters we dropped my Mom off and went to find a spot to watch the fireworks. We were house sitting and dog sitting that weekend for Josh’s family and so we ended up going back to check on the Oscar, their dog. As we were leaving we felt bad for leaving Oscar alone so we decided to watch the fireworks from Woodland hills and take Oscar with us in the jeep. Oscar was a little restless just chilling waiting for the fireworks but he seemed to have fun. On Saturday, the 25th, we went to Salt Lake City to celebrate Josh’s birthday from the week before. We went to the Melting Pot. 5 stars!! It is such a fun and yummy restaurant. It was interesting trying the different food and cooking your own food in fondue pots. The lobster and steak are amazing! I highly recommend this! We were so full we had to walk around City Creek Mall and buy me a shirt :).  It was such a great evening and a great weekend! I just love my Joshy!

Waiting for the fireworks
So cute!!
24 night2
I tried to take a picture of the fireworks going off in the valley. This was the best attempt.
24 night1
Blinding selfie 🙂
24 night
Watching fireworks with his doggy, Oscar
24 night 3
Such a good dog!
melting pot 1
French quarter entree at Melting Pot! 🙂
melting pot 2
melting pot food
Salt Lake Fusion entree
melting pot 3
Happy Belated Birthday Joshy!

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