Summer Time Close

August has been a fun and busy month for us. It is sad to see summer go but I know Josh is VERY much looking forward to the cooler weather.

We started off the month planning and putting on a company boating party and barbecue at Deer Creek Reservoir. It was a lot of fun. Josh did the grilling and it was SO yummy! Josh was brave enough to get on the tube being pulled by the boat. I was a chicken and didn’t want to get yanked around so I just enjoyed the boat ride.

deer creek1
Deer Creek- Department Boating Party
Josh grillin’ – Deer Creek- Department Boating Party
deer creek
Deer Creek- Department Boating Party
Josh riding around. He had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. So cute 🙂

That weekend Josh’s parents invited us and his brother to go to the Wizard of Oz at Sundance. That was pretty cool. We sat outside in the mountains and watched the show. It was a bit of an adventure because we were rained on but I have to give it to the actors they didn’t miss a beat and kept going. Great show, thanks Deckers 🙂

Sundance- Wizard of Oz
Laura and Dennis 🙂
Sundance- Wizard of Oz
Zach loves Dorothy 🙂

The next weekend Josh’s old mission buddy, Matt, came to stay with us. That was fun. Matt and Josh played a Star Wars game that Matt enjoyed so much he had to buy the game for himself. We went shopping and swimming and had a great time. Thanks for coming Matt!

The weekend after that Josh’s cousin and his new wife, Hanna, came to visit Utah from Wyoming. They were attending a wedding and it was fun hanging out with them a little bit. We went to a manliest meat eating restaurant around here, Tucanos, for those Wyomin’ boys. Good times. We hung out at Josh’s parents’ house for a while and while the boys were playing basketball, Hannah and I hung out with his parents and watched 80’s music videos. I felt like I could contribute fairly well because that is the music I grew up listening to. We had our own wedding we attended that week. My friend Angela from my college days was getting married and we were bringing pies to help with the reception. We had a fun time making the pies. She looked so happy!

Pie, pie, pie

We were able to drive up with my sister Stefi to visit our grandparents in Roy, UT. My mom’s parents. It was a pretty tense drive with the construction and rain but it was good visiting them. They are not as spry as they used to be.

We had another company party we attended this month. I helped coordinate a company client appreciation event at the Scera Pool and we had different food truck companies set up food in the pool area. It was pretty cool and really yummy. Waffle Love and JDawgs are SO good. Free advertising. We’ve actually been swimming a lot this summer and it has been a really nice cool down. Josh’s family friends the Hansens (great people) kindly let us use their private pool.

We went to another Bee’s game before school started for Josh. It was another really awesome game because the Bees were down 10-3 and came back with a walk off home run in the 9th inning to win the game. Pretty sweet! We love our baseball games. Funny story, the traffic heading south was terrible with construction. Josh ended up getting a bloody nose while driving a clutch so I had to scramble to find tissue to stop the blood and then I had to shift for him while he took care of his nose. It didn’t stop bleeding so I had to switch out tissue. It ended up grossing me out that I started dry heaving. We made quite the pair. Josh told me I wouldn’t make a very good nurse. 🙂

Salt Lake Bees vs. Omaha. Bees win 11-10 in a walk off homerun!

We’ve had some notable guests dine with us this month. Josh’s family came to eat with us before we went to our play up at Sundance. That was a fun get together and of course Josh cooked. Our good friend and (former for me) co-worker just got a new job and him and his family are moving to Nebraska. They are really great people and have 3 very cute boys. We had them over for a good-bye dinner and ate home made pizza courtesy of Josh. Such a good cook. A few days later, my brother and sister-in-law returned home from North Carolina (YAY) and they ate dinner with us and we went swimming. It’s amazing how well you can still bond with people swimming even when you’re an adult. It’s great. Josh is a pretty amazing cook and he’s such a good host. We have great times!

Josh’s famous lobster linguine. He made this for me and had it all ready and fancy when I got home from work. Such a sweetheart and an amazing chef!
Eating lobster linguine – amazing both the man and the food!

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