Jeeping, Labor Day, and a Few Family Reunions

It’s been a fun past few weeks. Life’s a Decker party! We decided to celebrate the last weekend in August and go jeeping in Josh’s parents jeep. It’s a cute barbie color jeep with no doors or windows. We call it Barbie. We also went to the Devil’s kitchen which is a little canyon that looks like southern Utah and the red rock. Pretty cool. We drove through the Nebo loop (starts in Payson canyon) and it was so beautiful. It was an overcast day. As we came down we stopped and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs for lunch. Josh loves to drive in canyons, this jeep wasn’t as zippy as his GTI but it was a lot of fun. I highly recommend driving the loop.

Attempt at Jeep selfie #1
Successful jeep selfie
The Nebo Loop
S’mores, S’mores, S’mores
jeeping devil
Devil’s Kitchen

We had an awesome surprise Labor Day. Nikki (my sister) and her kids came and visited over the weekend. It was SO much fun hanging out with her. We went to the Payson temple, she had never seen it before. Nikki and I went to the temple Thursday evening and then on Friday morning Josh and Quincy (sister-in-law) came and we visited my mom. She volunteers in the temple every weekend. Great lady! Afterwards Josh, Nikki, Quincy, little Ashlyn, and me went shopping at the Provo mall and got a few cute things. Nikki is so fun and funny to shop with. She found a really cute jacket super cheap and then decided not to get it and then we drove back to the mall later that day and the lady in front of us ended up buying the jacket…funny and sad. She has a different kind of buyer’s remorse. We ate lunch at King Kebab. Best place to get Kebabs!! Everyone should go! (Free advertising :)) In the evening we visited Onion Days. Onion Days is Payson City’s annual celebration. We walked around the booths and fair. It was fun. On Saturday we celebrated Joseph’s birthday and went out to eat at Brick Oven. We watched the BYU football game and just lounged around. It was nice and BYU had a spectacular game against Nebraska! Woohoo, go Cougs! On Monday, we went hiking with the Deckers, Josh’s parents and brother up Santaquin canyon. It was so pretty. It’s funny I had never been to that canyon and I’ve lived in this area most of my life. It was a super fun hike and we had a picnic in mountains.

Nikki, Davy, and Ashlyn on the plane saying goodbye
payson temple 3
Nikki, Quincy, Josh, and me just leaving the temple
payson temple
Sister selfie at the Payson temple
My dad commissioned Josh to make Davy a Star Wars helmet. Davy wanted to be one of the “white guys” (storm troopers). Josh did a combination character helmet because it was the smallest mold he had. He did so great! So talented!
Josh painted his name on it.
davy helmet
Davy LOVED his helmet. Josh installed a light on the side of the helmet. Davy broke it after a few hours but fortunately it came with a warranty and Josh and I fixed it. 🙂
davy face
I love their faces! It was so cool!
santaquin creek
Santaquin Creek- So pretty, the leaves are starting to change.
santaquin hike
Love the Deckers!

This past weekend was really good because my Mom’s family had a family reunion with all her extended family (cousins, aunts and uncles) It was cool because I had not met some of them and it was fun being with family. We played a little football and socialized. I know family reunions have a bad rapt but I think their great. Family is the best!

I just have to gush about my wonderful husband. For work, I helped plan a big luau recruiting event for the firm. It was a TON of work and my best friend Josh helped make it a great success. He worked with me all day setting up and he set up all the AV work and then stayed late with me to help clean up. The Luau was a success. Fire dancers, roasted pig, and all! He’s a wonderful man and I just love him!

The end product of the work party. The mountains look great behind the party 🙂
We had Hawaiian performers come. So fun!

To continue that theme of him being wonderful. I’ve been having stomach problems that stem back from the mission days of parasites. I was in a lot of pain one day so Josh missed work and took me to Urgent care and then took care of me and has continued to take care of me while I recover. Thank goodness for modern medicine and thank Heavenly Father for a wonderful, incredible, husband!

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