Around The House

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with school starting and work picking up. We have wanted to still exercise and still be active so we feel good being busy. My work offered a challenge for us to count steps and if we meet the goal then we get a prize at the end of the three months. Josh and I both participated and Josh usually has about double my steps. I didn’t realize how sedentary I have been. Josh was so sweet and organized our upstairs so we could have an exercise room to store all of our exercise stuff and to help me reach my daily step goal. He did a fantastic job and even set up a computer monitor in front of the treadmill with a wireless keyboard for a remote control to use while walking/running on the treadmill. Last night we tried out the room all set up and it was so nice to work out at home and not have to go to the gym. Great job Josh! Also, the past few nights we have been playing Josh’s Star Wars game. Josh tells me it is the year for Star Wars. 🙂 It’s a pretty intricate game with ships from all sides trying to destroy each other. Josh has been slowly teaching more aspects of the game. He’s great to help me set up and then I beat him after he set me up. It works well for me :P. It’s been fun. Life is good and a blessing!

excerise room for blog
Kind of grainy, but I think you get the idea. Exercise is fun!
exercise room for blog2
Trying to get a larger shot of the room. #handymanjosh
starwars game for blog
Star Wars set up
starwars ship
I just had to add this picture. It was the ship that won the game for me :). Hehe. #starwarsnerds 🙂

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