Last night was family home evening. I like family home evening SO much better with Josh than in a singles ward. We decided to go back to our old school, BYU, and go bowling. We’ve never been bowling together before so it was a new adventure together. It was a very fun adventure. I grew going to the Wilkinson Center at BYU to go bowling with my family so the Wilkinson Center has always had a special place in my heart :). We gave each other team names and Josh thought he was super funny calling me “Tiffani the silly.” Next time he will be “Josh the Gooberhead.” 🙂 We decided to bowl two games. Josh has quite the spin when he throws and I have absolutely no spin on my throws. Josh beat me very soundly both games, however we both got worse as the night went on. Haha. We just bowl for fun. We did throw a few strikes and every time we threw a spare or a strike we had to do a victory dance in the lane. Josh’s idea :). We celebrated with Jamba Juices and walked around campus. Memories. It was really fun, I love my Joshy! Next week, I think we’re going to try raquetball, da da da.

He’s goin’ down
He threw it
He celebrated
We only wanted to share our first game’s scores. The next game was a lot worse.
Josh is SO funny…

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