Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn Camping!

When we got married, we asked on our registry for a lot of camping gear because we already had a lot of the basic necessities. We haven’t been able to go camping all summer, so we decided last week to go this past weekend before it became too cold. We ended up going to Diamond Fork Canyon, which is an offshoot of Spanish Fork Canyon. The funny thing is we went four-wheeling in the same area a little over a year ago right before we got engaged. We didn’t make that connection until we were up there. Josh’s parents kindly let us use their jeep to go camping. The leaves were changing and it was SO beautiful with all the red, gold, and orange leaves. I highly recommend riding in a topless vehicle in the mountains in the Fall. We found spot by the river and it already had a fire pit so we set up camp. It was kind of a popular area and the road by our camp site was pretty noisy sometimes but I loved being by the river, it was so relaxing. We brought chicken sausage dogs for dinner and we planned on having banana boats for dinner but we forgot the bananas so Josh made Nutella and peanut butter donuts out of the hot dog buns. He’s really creative. The next morning Josh made a fancy breakfast in our dutch oven. He made a hash, egg, and sausage scramble. So yummy! It was so nice to be up in the mountains. The whole thing was such a great memory and I can’t wait to go camping again with my Joshy!

Josh (the chef) making breakfast
Our camp site and wood pile
Josh, the lumberjack, chopping wood
Our campsite by the river
I just love that smile!
More of the campsite

We came back Saturday night and I watched the Women’s conference while Josh did his homework. It was such a special conference. Elder Uchtdorf said, “God did not design us to be sad, but to have joy.” Another quote by Sister Reeves I liked, “This is a time to prepare to meet God, not to receive all of His blessings.” Truth. Truth. I’m so excited for General Conference this next weekend.

women's conference

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