Ode to Pumpkins and To Not Falling Down Mountains

It has been another good week in October. The weather is a bit too warm for the season but it’s still very beautiful. Last weekend, we decided to go hiking to catch up on steps I needed. I’m a lot less active than Josh and sometimes I need catch up days for our FitBit competition. :S

We decided to go hiking to Horsetail Falls in Alpine, UT. They are beautiful falls. We hiked up to the falls last year with our friends from France, the Mejean Family, but we only made it to the look out because of time. This last weekend we tried to get to the falls but couldn’t find the trail down and so we hiked way above the falls. It was quite the hike and lot harder than I remembered 🙂 We had to bushwhack a little bit to get down the mountain and I ended falling down a little ledge. Josh, fortunately, cushioned the fall and so it didn’t hurt as bad as it could have and he helped nurse my injury. He’s such a great husband. We eventually made it down the mountain. Josh conquered the mountain but I have to say it kind of kicked my butt. I couldn’t walk very well for the next few days. Haha.

After the hike we ate ribs, potatoes, and copycat Waffle Luv waffles (in our new waffle iron) with my cousin Naomi for a “Welcome Back to Utah County” dinner. She just moved back down to Pleasant Grove! Yay! We then all watched the BYU football game and they won! What a great Saturday!

Pretty fall colors
horsetail falls
Horsetail Falls lookout- My head is blocking the falls.
strong josh
Josh is SO strong!
Last year (2014) at Horsetail Falls

For Family Home Evening the following Monday, we decided to paint pumpkins. I’m not a big fan of carving pumpkins, too messy, but I like painting them. Josh and I picked out our pumpkins and we used his model paint and markers to paint our pumpkins. Josh painted a hillbilly face on his pumpkin and named it Huck. I painted a secret face on my pumpkin and named it JT (Josh and Tiffani, clever huh?). I love creating things with Josh. Josh is very crafty and I love to be creative. We make a great team. Good times!

JT- He has a secret face
JT- Top view
Pumpkin posers
Ode to pumpkins
Our home for our pumpkins
Close up #proudofourpumpkins

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