A Winning Season…11 months!!!

I know it’s a day early but tomorrow is our 11 month anniversary! Yay! What a great ride and it just keeps getting better!

For our 11 month anniversary, we decided to celebrate a few days early and go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch a Royals baseball game. The Royals are in the play-offs and so we wanted to watch them while eating chicken wings (we LOVE chicken wings). We went on a similar date last year. I’m a big Royals fan and Josh, so kindly, dressed up with me to support the team. We had a lot of fun and really, really good food. The only downside of the evening was that the Royals lost. Fortunately, it’s the only game of the series they have lost, so hopefully they will move on to the World Series. After the game, Josh wanted to watch the new Star Wars trailer, which had come out that night. Looks intense. Josh is getting excited 🙂

I’m so happy to be married to my best friend!! This has been an AMAZING 11 months :).

In our Royals’ jerseys
This was about the only point of the game where the Royals were ahead…:(
Naturally, our selfie
I love this face!!!
Go Royals!!!!

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