The Tetons…Which side is better?

This last weekend Josh and I had a weekend getaway to Rexburg and Tetonia Idaho. We took a detour home and went through Jackson, Wyoming. Our good friends, David and Bethany Chairez, let us visit them in Rexburg and hang out with them for the weekend. I met Bethany in my first ward since coming home from an LDS mission in 2010. We have since been great friends. I’ve always thought it was a really cool story that Bethany and her husband David met in the Missionary Training Center (MTC). She taught him and his district. He started writing her during his mission and then they wrote throughout his mission. When he came home they dated briefly before becoming engaged and married shortly after. Super awesome couple and I love them so much!

Josh and I left work a little early on Friday and drove directly to Rexburg. Whenever I go to Rexburg I always drive to the temple. I love it! I’ve visited the Chairez’ a few times before when I was single. The last time I visited, Josh and I had just started dating. They came to our wedding. It was so neat to bring Josh to a place that I love so much. We had a yummy dinner with the Chairez’ and visited with them. On Saturday we went to the Rexburg temple together. Afterwards we went to Applebees, yummy. David had to study for the GMAT so Bethany took Josh and me out to Tetonia to visit her parents. We went four-wheeling through the mountains with her mom, Dana. Her dad, Steve, had to work on some house projects before the snow came. I was very impressed with Dana because she has a temporary hip replacement and uses a walker but still went four-wheeling all afternoon. I admire her and her husband a lot. They were so kind to host us. Great people! It was funny because they know Josh’s parents’ good friends in Jackson, since they live so close. It’s such a small world and it is fun making those connections. We went four-wheeling through the mountains. Josh drove most of the way because of the hills (I’m a little chicken), but he later insisted that I drive at the end when it was flat. I’m glad he did, it was super fun. The views were so beautiful! In the middle of the ride, Bethany, Josh, and I hiked down to Packsaddle lake. It is so pretty and right in the middle of the mountains. We had a contest who could throw the rocks the furthest. Bethany was a trooper hiking because she is around 6 months pregnant. Go Bethany! I love, love, love, visiting the Hoopes in Tetonia!

On Sunday we went to sacrament meeting at David’s YSA ward. David has been recently called as a bishopric member and so Bethany took us to see him in action. I just love David and Bethany and it was so fun hanging out with them! Thank you David and Bethany!

On the way back home, Josh wanted to drive through Jackson. I was all on board because that is where we spent our honeymoon. It is such a pretty little town. Josh also wanted to show me the Tetons from the Wyoming side because he said it is better. When we were in Jackson before it was storming and so we could never see the tops of the mountains. Josh was right that the mountains are absolutely stunning, but I don’t think he was right that the Wyoming side is better. I’m playing it neutral and honest, I love seeing both sides! I think Josh enjoys it too :).  We also stopped in Afton on the way home to see the progress of the Star Valley Temple. It is such a pretty area and it will be a very beautiful temple.

We had such a wonderful weekend! I love going on road trips with Josh, my absolute best friend! I highly recommend weekend getaways, they are healthy for the soul :). Thank you Joshy!

Rexburg Temple
Attempt at selfie #1
Attempt at Selfie #2. We arrived!
Bethany and Dana
Bethany and me! #friendsforever
I just love my Joshy!
Paddlesack Lake
Josh being a monkey
Josh being monkey
Pretty view of the lake
Paddlesack Lake
Paddlesack Lake
Wonderful people- Josh and Bethany
Paddlesack Lake
Idaho side
Idaho side
Idaho side
Idaho side
Wyoming side
Wyoming side
Wyoming side
Wyoming side
Wyoming side
Wyoming side
Star Valley temple site
Star Valley temple site
Star Valley temple site
Star Valley temple site
Star Valley temple site

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