Christmas Time is Here

Thanksgiving came and went and December is here and practically half way over. Squire, the company I work for had their Christmas party on December 2. Ironically, it was at the Utah Valley Convention Center, my former employer. It was a very nice party and it was fun seeing my old co-workers. That week Josh started the work madness. I’m grateful not to part of the madness again but I feel bad for him. I appreciate him working so hard. He has had to work most days in December so far, so that Friday I went to my cousin, Isaac’s reception. It was beautiful Christmas/Mountain themed wedding. I really liked the decorations. They were creative with their antlers. I loved seeing my extended family.

Creative 🙂

On Saturday, Josh got a stomach bug so we relaxed and helped him get better. We’ve both been battling various illness this season, kind of a bummer. Fortunately he recovered fast with this bout. He had to work most of Sunday, so I went to Stake Conference and it was great. Elder Worthen, from the Seventy, came to speak and he spoke about the Atonement. Wonderful topic. The Mission President of the area came and he invited us to pray for missionary experiences every day. He said people in this area don’t think they are in the mission field but that is absolutely false. He said if we pray to the Lord and ask to run an errand for him that day, He will give us one. I thought that was a really cool idea. I plan on doing that. Christmas preparations have been pretty smooth sailing this year. We were pretty smart because we finished all of our Christmas shopping early. It’s a great feeling, hopefully we can remember this feeling in the years to come and keep planning early. I love the Christmas season. It’s such a great time of year.

True meaning of Christmas!


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