I am Thankful for November!

Wow, November flew by. I love the holiday season because there is much to do, see, and feel. There have been a lot of a high and low points this month but I’m grateful life is good. Josh and I have traded sickness this month and we had a fun visit to the ER after I had an allergic reaction to some medicine because I had the stomach flu. Josh seemed to follow when I got sick, but fortunately his was milder. We’re doing better and we’re just trying to keep up with Josh’s crazy work and school schedule.

Even a midst the sickness, we still have been able to have fun and be creative. Josh has been perfecting his Waffle Love recipe and we enjoyed a Waffle night. A waffle iron is a great investment.

Such a cute face!
The masterpiece

November 22 was our one year anniversary. What a special day! We decided to celebrate by going to Park City for the weekend. It was fun spending our anniversary in a ski town because that we spent our honeymoon in a ski town as well, Jackson. We adventurized by going to the Park City Outlets, a yummy Italian restaurant which served gnocchi, and explored downtown. On the way back we went to Josh’s favorite grocery store in Utah, the Harmon’s in Salt Lake City. He says it reminds him most of Wegman’s, Josh’s favorite grocery store of all time. I was able to experience a few Wegman’s while we were back east this past spring. We also ate lunch at The Pie, pretty tasty. Unfortunately it was game day for the Utes football team so it was inundated with Utes fans. 😦 Josh was so sweet he made me Kansas City Royals designed shoes. Super talented guy. I love them and wear them all the time. I decided to make Josh dinner for our anniversary. I went back to his mission by choosing to make a garbage plate. It doesn’t sound appealing but it was a favorite of Josh’s in New York. The garbage plate is a baked beans, home fries, hot dogs, and meat sauce served on top. It is a kind of a goulash but it was yummy.

Josh made the inserts and created the design!
Another angle. Josh is super talented.
Josh and I exploring Park City.
Our wedding cake. Josh’s mom was so nice to store it for us. It was still good after a year!

The holidays continued. I can’t believe how quickly Thanksgiving came and went. We went to my parents house on Thanksgiving and went to the Peanuts movie. Very cute. Afterwards we had a Christmas sing a long with me playing my guitar. I enjoyed that. On Friday we hung out with the Deckers and had yummy Thanksgiving leftovers. Fun day. Saturday was super busy and we got our Christmas tree. We took Stefi, my sister, out to lunch and she helped us find a tree. We at 180 Tacos. This is a local faovirte of ours. Love that girl! We named it Franklin. Afterwards we spent the evening in Salt Lake City to watch Quincy, our sister in law, perform on Temple Square in the Assembly Hall. She is very talented. We saw the pretty Christmas lights and drank lots of hot chocolate. November came and went so fast. What a wonderful life!

Our Christmas tree, Franklin.


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