Top 10 Food Places- *Provo, UT*

Josh and I like to talk about our favorite restaurants. He gave the idea that we should share Provo’s top 10 restaurants. I was born in Provo and I’ve circled back and currently live in Provo now. Obviously this is subjective, but hey I think these places are great and I wanted to share. Josh has his own list but I think we would overlap on a few. 🙂

  1. Black Sheep Cafe (Native American)- Partially for sentimental reasons, but the food is excellent. My friend from work introduced me to the place and I took Josh to it on his birthday. Josh also gave me a gift certificate there for our first Christmas. Black Sheep Cafe serves Native American themed food. My favorite meal so far is the Bleu Burger with the Sweet Potato Fries.
  2. 180 Tacos (Mexican, American, Asian, and Caribbean tacos and salads)- Mexican food has never been my favorite but I LOVE the tacos here. They have different genres of tacos that make tacos very exciting. My favorite meal is the Buffalo Chicken Taco Salad with a side of Chimichurri Macaroni and Cheese.
  3. Slab Pizza (Variety Pizza)- This is a fun pizza place because they normally sell pizza by the giant slice. Like 180 Tacos they have a variety of flavors so if you and your date can’t decide on what genre of food to eat you can come here and eat at different ends of the spectrum. I really don’t have a favorite pizza here, I love the variety and I haven’t eaten anything not good.
  4. King Kebab (Kebabs, Shawarma)- This is a great restaurant in the Provo Mall my brother and I found. We both love Kebabs, Gyros, and Shawarma. The Lamb Shawarma is the best choice, try it with the spicy sauce.
  5. Cubby’s Chicago Beef (Steak Sandwiches, Burgers, and Sausage)- This is another fabulous meat place. I LOVE the tri-tip steak sandwich. You can different try different variations of the tri-tip sandwich but I love the regular tri-tip with spicy sauce. I also recommend a side of Buffalo Fries.
  6. Hruska’s Kolaches (Kolaches)- Apparently, these are huge in Texas. I had a friend bring me one for breakfast and I fell in love with them. Josh and I live fairly close to the bakery and we sometimes walk over there in the morning to get a few Kolaches. They do both sweet and savory. They are really filling and really quite amazing. The line is always long and they usually sell out before lunch. My favorite is the Sausage Jalapeno Popper.
  7. Bruges Waffles and Frites- They have the best french fries I have ever had. Simply incredible. Josh and I once ditched a fancy gala to eat here because it just makes a person happy. 🙂 Our favorite sandwich is The Machine Gun, which was also featured of Man vs. Food. Try it, you’ll love it!
  8. Nicolitalia Pizzeria (Pizza)- This is a fun little pizza place with really good pizza. Like sushi, I LOVE pizza. It’s really nice when you find quality, make you smile pizza and this place is it.
  9. Zupas Cafe (Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches)- Zupas is another sentimental restaurant for me. This place has grown a lot over the years and it has spread all over Utah. My mom and I would eat here after serving in the LDS temple every Friday. It was a fun tradition. After I met Josh we would eat here a lot as well. This is my Mom’s favorite place to eat and anytime we go to eat with her it is always Zupas.
  10. Two Jacks Pizza (Pizza)- Two Jacks Pizza is a brother to Fat Jacks Pizza. Living in Payson, my sister Nikki and I would devour the Cheese Stix at Fat Jacks Pizza. When I moved to Provo, I found out that Two Jacks Pizza had the same recipe and practically the same menu. This is a major comfort food for me and once in while Josh will suggest we get Cheese Stix with the ranch dipping sauce after a long or hard day. It always makes me feel better.

Honorable mentions- Provo Bakery, Guru’s, Gloria’s Little Italy, and Baked.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Food Places- *Provo, UT*

  1. Looovvveeee that you have a blog!! And that I can see how y’all are spending your time. 🙂 No longer will I think your lives are such mystery. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. Oh and I miss our fat jacks trips! 😉


  2. I can’t believe you put Zupas as number 9.  I am so disappointed.  That is just not right.  Love you


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