Fun+Holidays+Not Getting Sick-Alarm Clock=Awesome Weekend

Last weekend was so nice. We didn’t get sick and Josh didn’t have to work. He is getting ready for finals but we were able to have some fun. My extended family on my Mom’s side lives in Weber county and they held their annual Christmas party. My sister, Stefi, came with us and we drove to Roy. Josh and I like to play a game where we each take turns listening to a song and I play the DJ while Josh drives. We don’t listen generally to the same music so it’s our compromise. Since Stefi came with us we had another style to add to the mix. I think she had fun :). My Aunt Charlene and Uncle Tim hosted the party at their church and we had a good turn out. I love how the holidays give an excuse to see people you don’t get to see very often. They did a great job planning the party. We had to leave a little early so Stefi could write a paper for school. We made a quick detour home and stopped at Pirate-O’s, a little fantastic gourmet market in Sandy and just looked around. We found a candy bar named in our honor, the Double Decker :). It doesn’t taste very good but it’s cool we have one. Josh liked it. We like to stop at the store when we’re up north and drool over all the delicious food. 🙂

Double Decker!!

After we got home, we went to the Provo temple. It had been a little bit since our last visit with our crazy schedules and so it was nice to go back. Afterwards, Josh took me on date to Bruges Waffles and Frites. It is a fairly new restaurant in downtown Provo. They were featured on “Man vs. Food” and since then I’ve always wanted to try it. We both tried the featured menu item from the episode “The Machine Gun”. It was a lamb sausage on really good french bread with amazing fries or frites and a garlic sauce. All I have to say is, “Wow.” It was so good! Josh asked if I needed to update my top 10 restaurant list and I said I want to wait to try other things on the menu before I do that, but seriously it was amazing! Try the fries!!! I just love going on dates with Joshy. It’s so fun being with him. Sunday was nice, we had normal church and we were both able to go. We visited our families and relaxed. I’m glad we live so close to family!

Date selfie!
The Machine Gun- Amazing!
So cute!

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