May the Force Be with You this Christmas!

Josh is ALMOST done with finals, he has one project left. We were still able to play a lot this weekend. On Friday evening we went to my department’s holiday party. We wore ugly sweaters and played the white elephant game. We didn’t win any prizes but I think we had the most awesome sweaters. A little bias, I know. Josh made them earlier that week in honor of Star Wars coming out. In case you can’t read the pictures, Josh’s sweater said, “Hairy Christmas” with Chewbacca in a Santa hat. My sweater had an Ewok with a candy cane and it said, “Ewokin’ in a Winter Wonderland.” Josh is SO clever :). Josh won some Grinch pants during the white elephant game and I took a picture of him posing in them but he won’t let me post it. (Sad day, it is SO great).  We liked our sweaters so much we wore them to the Star Wars movie showing the next night.

Starwars sweaters
Yay Star Wars!
Josh sweater
Josh in a his Star Wars sweater and Grinch pants 🙂
Tiffani swetaer
Star Wars sweater

On Saturday we woke up early and played tennis. It had been a long time for both of us. Josh was really sore the next day. Fortunately, everywhere in the valley has a lot of snow except Provo, we found some places to play. Later that night, we played Star Wars X Wing with my brother Joseph and his wife Quincy to prepare for us going to see the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Josh got Joseph hooked on this game. Josh has a track record of doing that. 🙂 After playing for a little bit, we went to the movie. We got some snacks before the movie and I didn’t realize Josh was a popcorn addict. He finished a Jumbo sized popcorn before the previews were over. I helped a little but it was SO funny watching him inhale the popcorn. Haha. It’s fun learning new things about your spouse. The movie was good. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I really enjoyed it. I think they redeemed themselves after movies 1, 2, and 3. Josh and I definitely recommend watching it.

At the theater, getting ready for the show to begin 🙂

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