Merry Christmas to All!

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. It was so nice to relax with family and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Both of our families live near us and so we spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with Josh’s family.

On Christmas Eve we went to Payson and we played some different games until lunch/dinner was ready. We had the traditional ham and potatoes. It was good. Afterwards, we opened presents and had some Face time with my sister in Colorado. We opened everyone’s presents and then afterwards we talked about Christmas and sang some Christmas songs together. We had our first annual gingerbread decorating competition. It wasn’t really a competition but we had fun creating different masterpieces. Stefi built the Salt Lake City Temple. That was ambitious and impressive. Joseph and Quincy made a cute and cozy, snow covered cottage. Josh and me built Decker Field, a baseball stadium. So cool! It was fun building and decorating together. We received some games for Christmas and decided to finish the night off with some games. It was a fantastic day!

O Christmas Tree!
Playing some games
Opening presents
Opening presents with Grandma
Opening presents selfie (Stefi is doing the ears)
Cute Stefi
Stefi was not cooperating with pictures
My sister Nikki made Davy and Josh matching Star Wars aprons. Davy opened his a day later.
My sister Nikki made Davy and Josh matching Star Wars aprons.
Stefi being Stefi
Opening presents
Opening presents
Stefi and her masterpiece
She is very focused
The final product
Joseph and Quincy working on their house
Final masterpiece
Final masterpiece
Decker Field
Decker Field
Decker Field
Decker Field
Decker Field- Da winnah 😉

On Christmas day we slept in a little bit and exchanged presents. Josh was SO sweet to me. He refurnished a dresser for me (us). He found an old dresser at Deseret Industries and strengthened it and then stripped the paint and put a beautiful varnish on it. I was so touched. He is so thoughtful. It was funny because we filled each other’s stockings and Josh covered up mine with a blanket the night before so I could lay out his stocking. It’s a little tricky with two people, but it was a wonderful Christmas morning. Josh is so good to me!

Christmas dresser
Christmas dresser

Later Christmas morning we went down to Woodland Hills to spend the day with Josh’s family. It was fun. Josh and Zach mostly made Christmas dinner. Josh made the twice baked potatoes. We had an English dinner with Beef Wellington. I have never had Beef Wellington and it was really tasty. We were also able to talk to Eli, Josh’s brother, via Skype. Eli is serving a mission in Tennessee. It was fun hearing his stories. He sounds like he is doing good things. It was a great Christmas!

Talking to Eli
Josh cookin’ the tators 🙂
Zach cookin’ the meat

The next day we went back to Woodland Hills and attempted snow shoeing. Josh’s family invited some family friends, the Hansens to come with them. Josh and I didn’t make it very far, but it was beautiful. We came back early and made breakfast. Afterwards we went to the Payson temple and went sledding with Stefi. We went to Peteetneet School and sled on an old air mattress. Best sled ever. We had such a wonderful weekend. We also had our last Sunday of 9:00 a.m. church so we can sleep in a little bit next year :). Sunday was nice and relaxing and a great way to end a wonderful weekend. We are so blessed with wonderful family!

Decked out
Beautiful Woodland Hills
Josh cookin’ breakfast for the crowds



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