Staying Motivated

Josh said I should write a post about our training for the 10k we are going to race on March 12. I didn’t think that was a good idea at first but then I found these comics and I changed my mind.

Medical advice for runners road signs.
Medical advice for runners road signs.
Garfield knows best

The reason I didn’t think it was good idea to write a post about training is because running is kicking my backside…actually my knees and calves. I’m on the almost injured list currently and taking a couple days rest so I can get running again. Amidst the running turmoil, I am grateful for a few things: 1) Josh is the best coach and trainer. He has been planning our training, cheering me on, patiently runs slow at my pace, and massages my legs after our runs. 2) My sister, Nikki, is an athletic trainer and has been giving me advice on my pain. That has been super helpful. 3) We’re being more active and that feels good.

Also, good news update…Josh just got another part-time job. He will be doing IT support for a company in Lehi. This will help him get more experience for his resume and for his schooling. The great thing is he will get to work with his Dad and brother who are also employed by the same company. Great job baby!

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