10K Champs!

Last weekend, we did it! We ran our first 10K race! Yay! It was a sweet accomplishment. Josh has gone through bouts of running and has ran the equivalent of a half marathon before so this race was fairly easy for him. He volunteered to train me and be my coach because I have only ran 5K races before this race. He was very patient with me. I kept getting small injuries during our training but my body held up for the race! We ran slowly, but we met our goal. Our goal was to run the race without walking and we did it. It was an awesome feeling and I was very divinely helped.  Josh could have finished the race much earlier but he ran with me the whole time to motivate and encourage me. Running long distances can be very emotional. Haha. The point is, he is the best husband ever! We’re going to take our running down a notch so my body can recover. I got some crazy blisters. Our next goal is to get into biking. It will be easier on my body, hopefully.

Blurry selfie 🙂 Getting ready for the race.

After the game all the race participants were able to go to the BYU baseball game for free. We love baseball games. It was Josh’s first BYU baseball game. BYU played Niagra and beat them, by a lot. It was cool because Niagra is from Josh’s mission, upstate New York.

BYU Baseball- Pretty view
Traditional baseball selfie

Last week, I attended the Big Biz Conference Expo. Josh came and visited me for lunch. One of the exhibitors had this crazy bike ride, where you could ride a bike in circles, crazy. Here is a picture collage of the ride. Josh looked as happy as a little kid on a first time bike ride. 🙂

bike ride
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…


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