Rising from the Ashes

I have been researching how to write catchy headlines for random fun and I found multiple websites that list all the cheesy “click bate” headline formats, like “How Having an Great Weekend is Better than Taylor Swift” (Josh LOVES Taylor Swift’s music…actually he doesn’t :)) or “10 Ways to Have an Great Weekend” or even better “What Doctors are NOT Telling You about Having an Great Weekend.” I decided to avoid the “click bate” title all together. Haha.

Josh and I really had a great weekend. Sleeping in on Saturday does the heart good and then to relax and have fun after that is the cherry on top. Josh found an old 80’s tennis racket in a thrift shop when we visited Colorado. He cleaned it up and restrung it and has been wanting to play for weeks. After running some errands Saturday, we played tennis for a few hours. It was a beautiful day and I even won a couple of games :). Josh usually wins most games.

On Saturday evening we went up Provo Canyon and had a dutch oven picnic. Josh built a fire from scratch (he is such a good Eagle Scout). We made a cherry, berry cobbler and roasted sausages. It was so relaxing! We couldn’t believe how many people were outside all day, but I couldn’t blame them,it was a perfect spring day. After our picnic, Josh started to teach me how to wood burn. This new skill is going to be some work on my part, I am not very a patient person. We are going to be starting a few project gifts, yay! More details to come.

Provo Canyon
Dutch oven chef…Josh!
Provo Canyon
Campfire relaxin’

On Sunday, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Provo City Center Temple Dedication. Wow! It is the 150th LDS temple dedicated. Three total sessions were held and we decided to go the noon session so we could sleep in. Best of both worlds. The meeting was beautiful. I really liked how the theme of the session was “rising from the ashes.” The temple was once a tabernacle that had tragically burned down 5 years ago. Many people were devastated when the tabernacle because it held so many memories from people’s lives. A few months later, the Prophet and President of the Church announced that the former tabernacle would be salvaged and built into a temple. It was a miracle. A lot of people used that example as a representation of life, when tragedy happens in our lives we can rise above the trial and become better and more beautiful. I believe this idea is true. I am so excited to live only a few blocks from this temple and I am SO blessed to live by so many temples.

If you’re curious about temples or don’t understand what I am talking about you can read more about LDS temples here. 

Provo City Center Temple Photo Credit: history.lds.org




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