BEE-sy Spring

March just flew by! The weather has been warming up and we have been able to go outside more. It’s been great. Josh and I are still playing racquetball regularly. We play with my dad and brother. Josh has learned really fast and is quite the competitor. He usually beats me now :(. We also decided to buy ourselves bikes for early birthday presents. Josh found an old road bike for at a thrift store for $15 bucks and restored it and painted it. It looks awesome. I name her Randi. Josh found a good deal on a road bike and named his bike Jax. We’ve done a little riding on them, we’re just waiting for the weather to clear up a bit more to go on some long rides.

One on one- Josh vs. Joseph
Randi & Jax

With it being March, Josh and I both filled out our March Madness brackets. One for family and one for work. He’s winning so far… Nice job Josh :P! We went to another BYU baseball game last Saturday with cousin Nomi. It is super great to catch up with her. It was a little chilly, but really fun! Baseball is a great sport to visit and watch a fun game. Josh accidentally ordered a bratwurst tail which he thought was just a foot long bratwurst. It was a foot long bratwurst but the bun was a maple doughnut with ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions. It was really weird. I think BYU needs to try again on creative concessions food. But BYU won the game! Their record so far is 20-3. Go BYU!!

Josh, me, and Nomi
BYU Baseball

Saturday night was women’s conference. I was able to watch it with my Mom at my old church building. I love the General Women’s meeting and how uplifted and good it makes me feel. We listened to some great messages. One of the messages that really touched me was about serving our neighbors. It is easy to serve people far away from us and donate money or necessities. But it isn’t always easy to donate time and friendship to people that live next to you. Good thing to work on!

On Sunday it was Easter. It’s nice to visit family and be so close to celebrate holidays. Josh’s mom was super sweet and gave us Easter egg baskets 🙂 Josh has been in candy heaven. We had a fun surprise on Monday. Josh’s friend Caitlin came to have dinner with us. Josh knew her as a missionary when he was in New York. We had a great visit with her and Josh made some incredible lasagna (it will be featured in our top #10) and Caitlin made some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

Tonight, the BYU Basketball team made it to the final four in the NIT tournament. We’re big fans. So we are going to watch the game from our favorite sport viewing venue, Buffalo Wild Wings. It has been a while and all we needed was an excuse to go. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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