A Nerd Party

Relaxing weekend…check; productive weekend…check; fun weekend….check, check.

We FINALLY went our first long bike ride. Due to our busy schedules and crazy spring weather we haven’t been able to use our bikes very much. On Friday evening we rode the Provo River Trail. The trail is a little bit noisier than the ideal because it is so close to a main road but it was flat and a good place to start riding. I haven’t ridden a bike in years and I have never ridden a road bike before, so I’m getting used to that. It’s amazing how the old adage of “It’s just like a riding a bike” is true. I was a little shaky at first but it comes back so quickly. Biking will be a fun summer adventure!

Getting ready to ride!
My bike Randi

To preface this next part, Josh is so good to me and such a good sport. So I’m generally not a big fan of reality TV. The only reality TV shows I have watched in the past were on Food Network and the Price is Right and even then I am not a very devoted fan. I stayed home from work a few weeks ago because I was sick and I started watching Relative Race on BYUtv. I became hooked and I even got Josh to watch it with me that night. Now, we watch the new episode every week. I thought from watching this show that if I were to apply to be on a reality show it would be Relative Race. I love the idea of trying to find your relatives across the US. Plus, Josh and I love road trips. Last week, I randomly went to their website and I saw they were casting for the next season. I got super excited and I asked Josh to apply with me. He patiently agreed :). We had to make an introduction video and write a little essay about why we want to be on the show. Hopefully we’ll get a call back. 🙂

On Saturday we played our weekly racquetball game. My dad couldn’t make it so we played 3-way Cutthroat. Josh and my brother, Joseph each won a game. Afterwards we cleaned and cooked some yummy pasta because my old mission companion Hermana Vera came to have lunch with us. It was really nice to catch up and visit. She was the companion I interviewed with last week about learning English. She’s a great woman!

After she left, we cleaned and cooked again because my brother and his wife, Quincy, and my mom came over for dinner and movie. Yes, we’re super social! 🙂 We set up our projector and rearranged all our furniture in our living room so we could watch the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Josh’s dad called our get-together a “Nerd Party.” 🙂 For dinner we had a calzone bar, it was fun picking toppings and seeing everyone’s concoctions. Josh makes really good pizza dough. The movie was really good, again. We already saw it in the theater and I recommend it. On Sunday, Josh got a little stomach bug but started feeling better later in the day so we were able to have dinner with his family. His cousin Sarah came to visit as well.

Another good weekend…check. May the force be with you!


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