A Castle on a Hill & A Home Run

I first wanted to mention we had our second softball game of the season Friday night and Josh hit a home run with me on base. It was great game and we won our game!! He’s awesome!

I know my birthday was a week ago, but I had one more request for Josh to celebrate my birthday and he kindly obliged. Josh took me to Manti to visit the LDS Manti Temple. It was so beautiful. It’s interesting because Manti is such a small town, but it has a huge building on the side of the mountain as you drive into town that looks like a medieval castle. That huge building is the temple. My cousin Naomi loves Manti and has some really good friends down there so we invited her to come along. We had fun hanging out with her and meeting her friends. We also stopped by a really good pizza place that had ZERO decorations and no menu posted. It just has white walls, kind of funny. It has been around a few years, but apparently they never saw the need to spruce it up. 🙂 Manti is an hour and a half away so that is pretty much how we spent our Saturday, great day!

Manti Temple
Josh, me, and Nomi



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