Happy Mama’s Day!

I first want to say I am so grateful for my Mamita. She’s such a wonderful woman. I also want to say I am grateful for the other mothers I have in my life. I’m so grateful for Josh’s mom, Laura, she is such a sweet and great lady.

T and J 7
Our wonderful Moms!

I am also grateful for the other wonderful women in our lives. We are surrounded by greatness! 🙂 #lotsofgratitude 🙂

Mother’s day weekend was really nice. We spent a lot of time with both families. It is great, that we live so close to both of our families. Josh’s grandparents were in town visiting from Wyoming and my grandpa was also in town visiting from Nicaragua.

Josh and I made our moms 4 generation chart plaques. We have been trying to perfect the process after making them for my mom’s relatives in Denmark. It went a lot smoother and they were fun to make. Our moms seemed to like them. 🙂

Look sideways!- My mom’s plaque
Josh’s mom plaque




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