The D Word

I had my annual physical last week and things are good. Big blessing. My Mama taught me right because she is very diligent in getting her preventive exams and taking care of her health. The exam was pretty standard, my doctor dutifully reminded me to keep exercising and remember to eat healthy. Because women almost getting into their early thirties cannot eat like women in their early twenties. 😦 After I passed the exam part, I was directed to get my blood drawn at the lab. As I was waiting with Joshy to get my blood drawn and were looking at the “healthy eating guide” we were given and I had an epiphany…

To preface this, I need to give a little background on me. I have some minor but chronic health issues that Josh and I deal with daily. It is kind of a bummer, but it could be A LOT worse. I’m always looking for ways to alleviate pain and look for ways to help me live a healthy, normal, and happy life.

So back to the epiphany. As we were looking at this document, with not a lot of interest, a strong thought came to my head, “You need to eat healthier.” It came into my mind loud and clear. I know this “epiphany” comes to a lot of people around January 1 and for a few weeks gym attendance and self-control is high, but by February 1 the thought is normally forgotten and the eating of delicious food resumes. Josh and I are a HUGE foodies. We don’t gorge ourselves, but we do enjoy our hearty, butter-filled meals. This is in large part because my wonderful husband cooks really good hearty, butter-filled meals.

As I thought about this impression, I started formulating in my mind, a plan. A goal cannot be a generic statement of hopeful improvement. It needs to be concrete and measurable. So I decided to make a goal to lose some weight. I’m not fat or overweight, but Josh and I have become living proof of the “Marriage 15” statement. I remember when Josh and I were dating and I came home from work and started eating beets out of a can for dinner. He came over while I was eating my supper and was appalled. Not only because I was eating beets, but because I was eating them out of can with no other protein, fat, or carb. I didn’t think much of it. It’s not very fun to cook for one person when you live alone and I had become a lot less interested in cooking since I returned home from Uruguay with my “little parasite friends.” Josh helped find the joy in cooking and eating again and I learned to appreciate a variety of foods and butter again through our time together. I also want to say that I am very grateful for my Joshy, because he never makes me feel like I need to lose to weight and he always compliments me on my physical appearance. He’s a sweetheart!

I feel like I need to diet (the D word) for my health and improvement in quality of life. Josh is way on board and super supportive as he wants to be healthier as well. I asked him to be my coach, because he has dieted before and knows the ins and outs of dieting. He lost 80 pounds right before we met and he has some amazing will-power.

We have been at this a little over week and things are going well. I have had an advantage recently because having a nasty cold does wonders for suppressing an appetite. Diet tip: 101. I am starting to miss our really good food, I saw a Dominos truck drive by us and I mentioned to him how good that sounded (I know that sounds desperate) :).  C’est la vi.  We have allowed ourselves a “cheat meal” once a week. We both really love food and we don’t want to give up the good stuff completely. 😉

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