Odds and Ends

It is hard to beat the last blog post with the amazing Yellowstone pictures, but life keeps going. And life is great! 🙂

For the past few months I have been planning our company retreat. Some of the staff would stay overnight and the rest of the firm would come to Snowbird on Friday and would have meetings in the morning and then could choose an activity in the afternoon with a guest. The activities were the Sundance Zip line, Top Golf, regular golf, and Boondocks. We were pretty spoiled. Josh and I were going to play at Boondocks until we took a tour of Top Golf a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty cool so we decided to practice our golf swings. I have never been golfing in my life, so it was a new experience. I recommend going, it is a really fun driving range.

Selfie in our hotel room, trying to get the moutains
Hotel view of Snowbird


Top Golf driving range

I had a bag of clothes to give to a thrift store, including a pair of black slacks I only used when serving meals at the convention center (part of my former job). I was very happy getting rid of those pants and not having to serve at another event. But we have not been able to drop the bag off at the thrift store. When we went to Arizona a few weeks ago, we visited my dear friends the Crums. They own a catering a business and were coming up in the beginning of June to cater their granddaughter’s wedding. Josh and I volunteered to help. We were asked to wear typical serving attire so fortunately I still had my black serving pants. Josh and I tried to get a serving selfie in our penguin attire. It was a lot of work but it turned out really good. I loved seeing the Crums again and at the end of the night I had the option to eat endless shrimp! I have an addiction…and…shrimp is really low in calories! Win, win.

The penguin couple

We have a cheat meal every week and this last week we chose to make homemade pizza. We decided to turn it into a pizza party and invite family members and play games. Josh made LOTS of incredible pizza. Recipes soon to come! Sadly, our guests disappointed us and didn’t eat as much as we had hoped, because we couldn’t keep the leftovers. It was a lot of fun!

Pizza party- group shot
Only half way there…

We live really close to the Provo City Center Temple and we went to the open house earlier this year but we haven’t visited otherwise because of the large crowds that we have seen at the temple. Finally, after work one evening we decided to walk over and visit. It was so nice. It wasn’t that crowded and the temple is so beautiful. I love the temples!

Provo City Center Temple – First time!

Softball is still going strong. Our team is about middle of the pack. Our tournament is at the beginning of July. This last Friday, we had a late game and I received my first battle wound of the season. It was totally Josh’s fault, well sort of… 🙂 Josh hit a double, but decided to make it a triple.  I made it to third base and happen to turn around to see him running up to me, I panicked and started running home so I wouldn’t be out. I ran to home and tripped into home plate. The guy dropped the ball and I was safe. Phew! It still hurts as I am writing this, but I am happy we won! Josh played awesome as usual! Go Joshy!

Softball battle wound!

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