Hey Baby!

Josh and I had a fun time throwing my sister-in-law Quincy’s baby shower. It was a lot of work, but it was right up our alley of specialties since we have both worked in the event industry. I am so grateful for my sister Stefi, my cousin Naomi, my Mom, my brother, Joseph and Quincy (she asked to help), Quincy’s Mom and Grandma, and of course Joshy, for bringing things and helping set up and clean up. It would not have gone well without them. We had a great turnout and plenty of food and visiting. It was good!

Josh and I have been watching the TV series, Parks and Recreation. Josh has been trying to get me to watch it since we have been married. Finally, after a year and a half of attempts to get into it, I’m hooked. It Literally* is super funny and it deals with my major in college. I recommend it. One of the main characters is Leslie Knope and she is a very intense manager and perfectionist about all things. She once said, “You go big or go home.” After the baby shower, I mentioned to Josh last night that I reminded myself of her while planning and executing Quincy’s baby shower. He laughed and Literally* agreed. Hmmm… 🙂

I am super excited to have another niece. Quincy is due at the end of July. Joseph and Quincy will Literally* be great parents. I’m very happy for them!

Some baby shower fun
Opening presents
Some great helpers in the corner, Stefi and Nomi
Lots of food!
Tea party theme

*Literally (Watch it)

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