Farewell Softball (for now) & Hello Tim McGraw

Josh and I had our last softball game on Friday. We made it through one round of the tournament and lost the game by one. Josh played great as usual! I had fun and didn’t do so bad. It was okay that we lost. We didn’t have a regular team each week, so each week was different. It was stressful each week making sure we had enough people to play. The team was sponsored by the company I work for and we were baffled how we couldn’t easily get 10 people to play each week. Oh well, farewell to softball season until August. Josh and I still love playing so much we are starting a co-ed team in August. It will be super fun and *hopefully* people will come.

I love playing softball with Joshy!
Go softball!

Every 4th of July, the city of Provo puts on the “Stadium of Fire.” It is a really cool show with a headline name and lots of a fireworks. This year, Tim McGraw came to perform. My dear cousin/friend Nomi came went with me. Josh hates country music, one of the few points we are exactly opposite. Josh did not want to go at all, but he was really sweet to drive us to and back from the concert. I love, love, love country music and it was so great to see a legend in concert especially with Nomi and for the Fourth, country music is so American. Nomi got us t-shirts that said “Stay humble and kind” that is a line from his most recent single. I got us cowboy hats to wear, so we looked like true fans. Nomi and I sang to almost every song, it was great! It’s kind of funny you go to a concert to sing a long, not just to listen :). Yee-haw!

Blurry fireworks
So awesome!
One more cowgirl picture

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