A Nerd is Born*

*I published this post a few days ago, but through some technological mishap it was deleted, so the great people at WordPress found my post. I tweaked it a little and added one more photo. Enjoy! (again)

Mr. and Mrs. Nerd

It’s Official, I’m a Nerd

What is “Video and trading card franchise, released in Japan in 1996, said to be from a contracted Romanization of Japanese Poketto Monsuta “pocket monsters,” both elements ultimately from European languages. Apparently it is a collective word with no distinctive plural form; to move or proceed, especially to or from something.”? (Dictionary.com)

Embrace the Inner Nerd

These are just a few of the headliners I came up with while writing this post.

In the past week, the world has gone mad about Pokemon GO.

I’m not even kidding, a lot of local and national news hubs have multiple Pokemon GO articles on the front page. I took screen shots of the front pages this morning. (Forbes, New York Times, USA Today, and KSL.com)

poke4 poke3 poke2 poke1

Josh and I have been laughing (in good nature) at the amount of people who are playing this game. Everywhere we go we see people playing. And so to tag along, we decided to try itout. Bring it on Pokemon GO. The verdict? We think it’s really fun. Besides the fact, the app is super buggy and super frustrating at times, there are a lot of good things about this new fad. I think Josh and I have spoken to more strangers in a day than we ever have before. Minus our LDS Missions. We’re getting our exercise. Two points to health. We’re having fun together #PartyintheUSA. And we’re seeing some cool historical sites that we didn’t know existed. History is important. Josh used his mad-making t shirt logo skills to make shirts that represent the team we’re on.

Attempt at sad face because the app is not working, we’re hooked! 
Go Team Red!


I have always teased Josh because he is nerd. He loves Star Wars, building computer gadgets, audio visual stuff, building fantasy movie props, etc. When I worked at the Convention Center, all the AV guys had this sterotypical air about them and I thought they were all nerds. I think most people would have agreed with me. 🙂 When I met Josh, one of the AV guys, he was honest about the things he liked (Star Wars, building movie props, etc.) but he had a nice well roundness about him like sports, cooking, and travel. We didn’t really connect on the Star Wars or the movie props stuff but I was happy he liked what he liked. He even went to Comic Con with his little brother while we were dating and they even dressed up. Haha. Josh has a lot of interests and it has been fun engaging with him in all of them. In fact, some of his nerdiness has rubbed off on me and I like a lot more things in the nerd arena than I used to. #Goodwife 🙂 We’re even reading Lord of the Rings together and it’s really good!  I never even saw the movies before I met him. Good stuff. I also want to say that Josh has been just as good at trying new things and doing things that I really like. #Goodhubby

Where will all this lead? Who knows, but it’s fun trying new things.

Happy Nerd Life!


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