Josh Can Drive a Rental Car!

This past week we celebrated Josh’s 25th birthday! Happy Birthday Joshy! Birthday celebrations in our family can last about a week sometimes because we have multiple celebrations and we kept that going for Josh’s birthday. I am very excited he can drive a rental car and I don’t have to anymore. 🙂 #thenew21

My brother Joseph and his wife Quincy invited us over to celebrate with dessert and games. Josh and Joseph played Star Wars while Quincy and I watched a chick flick. Josh found this interesting berry from Africa online through Amazon, that basically deadens your sour taste buds so you can eat sour stuff for about 15 minutes and the sour foods taste sweet. Really weird. The fruit is dried and crushed and put in a pill form. I tried them when he first got them. Joseph and Quincy’s mom, Lisa, were brave enough to try it. Quincy couldn’t try it because she was pregnant. Joseph and Josh liked the lemons. Lisa really liked sipping lime juice because it tasted like lime sherbet. It is really weird, but fun to try. I took some pictures of them trying the lemons and lime juice.

The mberry AKA magical fruit 🙂
Lisa enjoying lime juice
Joseph loving his lemon
Josh enjoying his lemon

Josh was super sweet and planned a picnic in the park for us. Afterwards we got ice cream and went to our favorite spot by the Provo Temple where we visited on our first date. #lovesummernights

Picnic selfie
Kissy, kissy

I told Josh that he had to choose what we do for his birthday celebration on Saturday and Sunday. He wanted to take it easy and we relaxed most of the weekend. My parents took everyone out to one of Josh’s favorite BBQ restaurants, Five Star BBQ, for his birthday. It was our cheat meal and we took full advantage of it. It was fun hanging out with everyone. Afterwards we decided to be urban hipsters and rode our bikes to the farmer’s market to pick up some local raw honey (it helps with allergies). That was fun. Josh also took me glasses shopping, I’ve been needing a new pair. We finally found some fun glasses that we both liked and even had my name on them. Tiffani is wearing Tiffany :).

On Sunday, Josh requested I make crepes for his birthday breakfast. They were tasty and it was good we ate them because we needed energy to substitute in nursery at church. We had 8 little kids and they were a HANDFUL. I took a two-hour nap when we got home. 🙂 Afterwards, Josh wanted pizza to be his birthday dinner so he made one his favorites, the Desert Heat Pizza with green chilies and sausage. It was delicious and so we ate all. of. it. I’m still debating if it was a wise choice because we got a little sick. Our stomachs have been used to eating more healthy food. Oh well, it tasted good. 🙂

New glasses- Tiffani is wearing Tiffany

Josh and I had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday and just celebrating life. Life is a blessing! I love my Joshy!

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