Better than Before & After

The road of dieting…

Road Fork 1

 Road Fork 2

Road Fork 3

 Road Fork 4

Avoided the detours and took the right forks and arrived at Milestone 1!
Josh and I reached our first milestone!! We just hit the same weight we were at when we got married. Josh has lost about 20 pounds and I have lost about 15 pounds. Woohoo! We’re super excited about our progress. Dieting has been challenging but really good for us. I couldn’t have done without prayer and Josh. My acid re-flux symptoms and Fibromaylagia symptoms have improved. I am feeling a lot better overall and so is Josh. Big blessing. Josh and I can also fit into our problem clothes that have been too tight for us to squeeze into. 🙂 We decided we would celebrate our success by going bowling and lifting balls with the same weight as the amount we lost. 🙂

Josh beat me 2 out of 3 games

We still have work to do and some more weight to lose. Josh really wants to work on lowering body fat percentage so we are going to be tested in a couple of weeks. We’ll readjust our goals again at that time.

We live in a time when dieting has never been easier, but we also live in a time when dieting has never been harder. So much GOOD food. I’m grateful for my diet teammate, Josh, as well as our families who have supported and helped us keep going. #chugachuga

Go Team Red!

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