Our Kendra Fae Fiesta

We had an eventful holiday weekend. Lots of exciting news. Josh and I were an uncle and aunt for the third time! My brother Joseph and his wife Quincy had their first baby, Kendra Fae. She is so precious. Fae is my Mother’s middle name. Kendra weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces. Good sized baby. It is so exciting to have a niece that will live close to us. My other niece and nephew live in Colorado. 😦 Quincy and Kendra are doing well, which is a big blessing. I’m very happy for them. In other news, that same brother just accepted a position in the same department and at the same company I work for. That will be fun. I’m glad I could be a trailblazer for my younger siblings. This is not the first time I’ve worked with one of them. 🙂 I’m really glad he is going into accounting because when Josh and I start our own business we will already have an accountant. 🙂 Thanks Joseph!

Quincy, Joseph, and Kendra Fae
The happy dad
Cute Uncle Josh
Alien girl -She looks like a little alien 🙂

Pioneer Day weekend is a really big deal in Utah, especially in Salt Lake City and Spanish Fork. Since Josh and I have known each other we have always gone to Spanish Fork Fiesta Days in honor of Pioneer Day. This year was no different and we were excited to go again. We walked around the fair and looked at the funky craft booths. The booths are like a real-life Pinterest. Josh and I found a few ideas we would like to try to make in the future. We ate dinner at one of our favorite pizza places, Two Jacks (we don’t diet on holidays). And we also went down to the ball park and watched the fireworks show. It is such a fun summer tradition.

Fiesta Days Fireworks
Fiesta Days Fireworks again

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