The Cousin Clambake

My awesome cousin Naomi planned an awesome cousins gathering last weekend. Go figure. We decided we would invite all the cousins in the area that wanted to come or could come to an action-packed, fun-filled Saturday. The grand total was 5- my cousins Heidi and Naomi came as well as my sister Stefi and Josh and me. We went to the Salt Lake City Temple to do some service. It was beautiful, I love going to the temple. Afterwards, we debated about where to eat and finally decided on Crown Burger (they were also featured on Man vs. Food). Josh tried the classic Crown burger and I had a baby burger. The fries were amazing. After the food, Naomi and Heidi took a detour and went shopping (goobers), while Josh, Stefi, and I went to the baseball game. They eventually made it and the game went to 11 innings. We told them it was because they were late to the game. Sadly, the Bees lost. The finale was the fireworks. We were able to go onto the baseball field and watch the fireworks. Super cool.

It was a great day and everything went as planned except we were missing a few cousins. #nexttime

Cousin selfie
Second attempt
Great day for baseball
Traditional baseball game selfie
Stefi refusing to look at the camera
Stefi being Stefi
“Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best game in the world.” -Babe Ruth

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