Bringing Back the Glory Days

Last week Josh participated in the Fiesta Days Tennis Tournament. He did so awesome! I loved watching him play. I’ve never seen him play competitively before. I’ve only heard about his glory days :). Josh played competitively growing up in Wyoming, later in Spanish Fork, and then had a brief stint at BYU. He has multiple trophies in his storage boxes from winning tournaments. The Fiesta Days Tournament was double elimination and only had 5 participants. Josh lost his first match, won his second match, and lost his third match. It wasn’t bad for not playing in 7 years and fighting a nasty cold at the same time. He woke up the first day of the tournament with a sore throat and it just went down hill from there. He used Vick’s throat spray between games and loaded up on DayQuil. I was very proud of him for playing. He did so well. I was the proud wifey who took a million pictures you can view below. Thank you to our families for coming and supporting him! #nextyear

img_4634 img_4633 img_4638 img_4635 img_4636

img_4660 img_4661 img_4646 img_4702 img_4692 img_4696 img_4686

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