Anchors Aweigh

We were able to take a mid-week break this week and go boating with my department at work. This is the second year we’ve planned this party. Josh volunteered to use his grilling master skills and grill for the party. It wasn’t a large party and we had about 30 people come. The party turned out to be a success and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun. We were entertained by one of my co-workers who did some water ski tricks. Josh and I rode on the tube tied to the boat. I was pretty scared to try it because I am a big chicken. But Josh talked me into it and I really enjoyed it. He kept trying to ask me to signal to the boat to go faster but I was pretty insistent on a steady and leisurely pace. I can be pretty stubborn. We left the boat a little early to start cooking and preparing everything. Josh wanted to try to grill some wings this time along with burgers, hot dogs, and chicken breasts. People really liked Josh’s chicken and his wing sauce. #soproud. I think the only thing we would change next year is to buy more chicken and put on more sunscreen. We both got pretty burned from the sun and are still feeling the effects of our bad decision. But at least we got our Vitamin D. 🙂

Chillin’ on the boat
Josh the Master Griller
Playing with fire
Enjoying playing with fire
Grillin’ up yummy food
My co-workers
Lining up for food
Deer Creek
Beautiful day at Deer Creek
Playing with a new fun app, Prisma

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