Treasure Hunting

Last Saturday was our date day/night. Josh has been super busy with work and finals so I volunteered to plan it. I came up the ideas of going to a Salt Lake Bees Game, paddle boarding for the afternoon, or go to an air plane museum and get a buffalo burger nearby.

Josh liked these these ideas but said he would decide on Saturday what we would do. I let him pick because he has been so busy and needed a little stress relief. Saturday came around and he wasn’t very excited about any of the ideas. So…we decided we might go the baseball game that night. After breakfast, I suggested we go to a few of the Deseret Industries thrift stores in the Salt Lake Valley and look for cool stuff. He got super excited about that idea. Just a note about Josh, he LOVES thrift stores. He is a weekly regular to our local thrift store. He’s found some cool, cheap stuff for us. I also really enjoy going to thrift stores as well so it works well for us.

Our treasure hunting was a success. We visited four stores and we found Josh’s Halloween costume (surprise) and some Star Wars books for his collection. I found some cute clothes and some better fitting cleats for softball. #score

We were pretty tired from treasure hunting and we ended up going home, cooking dinner, and finishing the first book of Lord of the Rings. Good day. 🙂


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