A Lil’ Cup of Brown Sugar

Last weekend was SO great! My little sister Nixie and her husband Mitch and their kids David and Ashlyn came to visit!

Mitch and Nikki and have been training for a marathon the past 6 months. Super impressive and super crazy! They signed up to run the Cottonwood marathon. Nikki tried to recruit me to run the 1/2 marathon with her and when I said no and no one else would run with her, she decided to run the full marathon.

Before the marathon Saturday we went to the Payson temple with my mom and the Browns. That was really nice. On Saturday, we drove to Salt Lake City to see them finish. I was very proud of them. As I was waiting at the finish line and saw most of the runners with pain etched in their faces I thought, nope, this isn’t for me. 🙂 In March, I ran a 10k and that was pretty touch. I’m kind of a pansy runner. Mitch and Nikki finished but they couldn’t walk very well the rest of the day and apparently a few days after that. Josh, Stefi, and I played with the kids in the afternoon while the Browns slept. I love those munchkins. Being an aunt is awesome! In the evening, we had a football party and Josh made his delicious chicken wings and we had Fat Jacks cheese stix. It was a heavenly food spread! We watched BYU vs. Utah and we were all rooting for BYU. Sadly, they lost. Mitch’s birthday was later that month so we celebrated early with them and Davy decorated his dad’s cake.

It was a super brief trip but it was SO awesome to see the Browns and have everyone together. I miss those guys and wish we lived closer!


Payson Temple
Attempt at selfie in front of Payson Temple
Nikki finishing the race!
Nikki sprinting in
Super determined
Mitch finishing!
Mitch toughin’ it out
Super determined
The cute Browns
Nana being an awesome grandma and letting David decorate his dad’s birthday cake.
The almost finished cake
Nana and David working together
Cake close-up
David’s sassy smile (yep not smiling)
David helping Ashlyn as we walk to the park
David helping Ashlyn as we walk to the park
David helping Ashlyn as we walk to the park. Such a good big brother
Aunt Stefi being an awesome aunt
Uncle Josh helping Davy bat and Davy not wanting help
Determined face
Watching BYU vs. Utah- Party! Sad game.
The kids not watching the football game
Wings and Cheese stix!


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