Livin’ the “Holes” Dream

When I was in middle school a book called, “Holes” was published. It was a such a big success and they made a movie about it a few years later. I never read the book, but I have seen the movie. The story is about a young boy who has bad luck due to a curse placed on his family. He is sent to a juvenile detention camp for a crime he didn’t commit. This boy and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt on the bed of a dried up lake, every day. They don’t know why, but the camp director is making them look for buried treasure. In the end it all works out and story ends “happily ever after.”

This past weekend, Josh and I went out to Utah’s west desert to dig holes with his parents. I felt like we were living the “Holes” dream. 🙂 We didn’t quite have same adventure but we had our own adventure. Instead of hunting for treasure, we went hunting for geodes #rocknerds. I lived in Uruguay for a year and a half and they are known for having huge, beautiful, purple geodes. I was able to take a few small ones home. The geodes in the Utah aren’t quite like that, but there have been some beautiful geodes found. Josh and his family had been out there before and had a lot of success, so I was excited to find some. On our way down, we got a flat tire. While Josh and his dad were fixing it, I decided to take some pictures and sing “I’ve been through the desert on a horse with a no name..” in my head. When we finally got out there (“out there” is the best description for where we were) we started digging and Josh’s mom made us really yummy tin foil lunches. We kept digging after lunch, but sadly we didn’t find any geodes. After digging for while, we decided to go to Topaz mountain which was nearby and hunt for Topaz. It was pretty cool and pretty easy to find because the sun reflects off the stone. There is even a Topaz mine on the mountain and Josh picked out piece about the size of a quarter. #coolfind We also saw a bunch of wild horses. And people that know me, know I love horses! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking us Dennis and Laura!

Huntin’ for treasure!
Sunburned selfie
Topaz mining
Found his topaz
Wild horses
More wild horses- so pretty!
I love horses! 

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