“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” -William Cullen Bryant

Josh and I had a busy, busy week last week. But we had a lot of good times! We started the week by doing a little decorating. We painted pumpkins- I don’t like the messiness of carving pumpkins. We decided to paint four pumpkins and paint a scene from each city we have visited during our baseball/temple tour. I painted Seattle and Baltimore and Josh painted Phoenix, and DC. I have also been wanting to hang something decorative on our door and so we found a big D at Hobby Lobby. Josh had the idea to paint it with chalk paint so we can decorate it for each season/holiday. #socute/clever. My mom scheduled a time for my family to visit the Payson temple. I love visiting the temple.  After the temple, Josh and I brought our classic Halloween dessert, Ghosts in the Graveyard. It is a mixture chocolate pudding, oreos, whip cream, fudge cookies, and gummy worms. We had double dates with both of our brothers this past week. On Tuesday we went to Corn Belly’s corn maze and fair with Josh’s brother Zach and his bride-to-be, Maddie. That was fun. We walked through a haunted inflatable iguana. On Saturday we went up to mountains with my brother Joseph and his wife Quincy. We had a dutch oven dinner and roasted s’mores. I feel like this past week was an ultimate celebration of Fall. Happy Fall!

Payson Temple outing 🙂 Stefi is there too.
Ghost in the Graveyard- annual Halloween dessert
Fall dutch oven cook out with Joseph and Quincy 🙂 #cutecouple
Fall campfire selfie
Double date at a corn maze with Zach and Maddie (Josh’s brother and Josh’s brother’s wife to be)
We found another one.
Time out
Zach and Maddie Timeout
Fall decor- Chalkboard D with Halloween doodles
Pumpkin Painting- We painted 4 pumpkins of all the major league stadiums we visited.
Washington DC


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