Boo Bash

Josh and I had a busy and fun Halloween. Josh dressed up as Burt Macklin, FBI. The best darn agent they had, until he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. I dressed up as Janet Snakehole, a very rich widow with a terrible secret. They are both characters from the TV series, Parks and Recreation. Josh has been told he looks like the actor Chris Pratt from that show so we thought it would be a good choice. We dressed up for my company Halloween party that I was in charge of planning. We had a chili/cornbread cook off at lunch time and in the afternoon employees’ families could come and trick and treat and eat lots of food. Josh won runner-up on the cornbread. #bestcook It was so tasty, so was his chili. He should have won that too. πŸ™‚ It was kind of a crazy day but everything went well. Yay! Happy Halloween!

Original actors
Our attempt πŸ™‚
Added a photo filter πŸ™‚
Josh posing πŸ™‚
Last one


Halloween Squire Chili/Corn Cookoff
My cute co-worker at our chili/cornbread cook off. Josh’s cornbread is in the black skillet.
Halloween party spread
My co-worker decorated her cubicle for the decoration competition
Good turnout


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