Just Another Week in the Life- A Picture Story

We watched the World Series and rooted for the Cubs. After an intense last few innings the Cubs won and broke the curse! Josh and I were both sick with a bad colds so it was the perfect relaxing activity, until the end :).
Before I got Josh sick he made us some yummy Mexican flavored pork. Super tasty! #cuteface
Mellow sick activities. We erased our “D” and decorated it with Thanksgiving themes.
I made some Christmas ornaments with a cool photo wood transfer technique.
I’m trying to get good at wood burning and so I practiced on the back of these ornaments. 
We both like crafting and it perfect to do when you don’t feel well. Josh worked on a Boba Fett helmet while I worked on Christmas ornaments. The helmet is looking so good!
On Sunday we were feeling better and went to our niece’s baby blessing. She is SO cute and I thought this was an adorable picture of her and Josh.

We’re almost over our colds. Josh has had a brief relapse but he’s doing much better today. #kickit #ontheupswing

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