The Road to Colorado

Josh and I had such a fun Thanksgiving Holiday. We drove to Pueblo, Colorado to visit my sister and her husband and two kids. It was quite the party. We did a lot of cooking, eating, relaxing, and playing. On Thanksgiving Day, Josh and Mitch, Nikki’s husband, played a little turkey bowl football. It was kind of a chilly day and so Nikki, me, and the kids ended up cheering them on from the car. After football, we started cooking up a storm. Nikki made some tasty turkey, Mitch made some yummy pumpkin pie, and we helped with sides. On Friday, Nikki and I set out for our favorite stores to do some black Friday shopping. The boys got their shopping in as well. Josh and I made steaks and mashed potatoes for dinner. So yummy. On Saturday we relaxed, played in the park, made chicken wings, and watched football. Pretty chill. It was such a nice getaway. The Browns were so good to us and it was a blast hanging out with all of them. We didn’t get too many pictures, we were so busy playing, but here are a few.

Turkey Football. Josh is in the gray sweats and Mitch is in the green shorts.
In between plays
Mitch getting read to throw to Josh. (Mitch in green shorts and Josh in gray sweats)
Ducky prepping her turkey. She was like a proud parent 🙂
Davy helping make cornbread. Such a cute little face!
After dinner selfie!
Josh made an ice cream on Friday. Nothing better than steak, potatoes, and ice cream.
I thought this was a funny picture. The football game is on to the left. Nikki is preparing her church lesson and Mitch is looking something up.
My favorite man and my favorite little guy.
Watchin’ a movie. We watched Argo (edited) and it was a good movie. I highly recommend watching it on VidAngel.
Driving home 😦 But the roads were mostly clear. Big blessing.

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