Christmas Party in the USA

I decided to use the Miley Cyrus song, “Party in the USA” to title this post. It’s fitting because this week has been party central and yes I do like this song. Josh and I planned my company’s Christmas party on Tuesday. It was a big success. We had Olive Garden cater and then we played some Christmas games like White elephant, Oreo game, paper plate game, guess the Christmas and an ugly sweater competition. We had enough food and people laughed a lot. It was fun. I also went to my future sister-in-law, Maddie’s, bridal shower this week with my mother-in-law, Laura and our friends Loraine and Maylene. Love seeing old friends! On Saturday, Josh and I helped my parents plan and execute my extended family Christmas party. We played the fun paper plate game that we played at our work party. I love how games are recyclable. And we had an ugly sweater competition. My Aunt Charlene and cousin Heidi made awesome sweaters with the University of Utah logo pinned all over a sweaters (they should have won, but I was happy for my mom’s ugly school teacher sweater that won the vote :)).  Anyways, we’re glad the parties turned out well and the Christmas season is in full swing.

The only picture I got from my extended family party 😦
My cousin Heidi and Aunt Charlene and their ugly sweaters. They totally should have won!
Work party- white elephant
Funny paper plate game that we played at my work party and at my extended family party

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