Another Story About a Ring

Josh and I have married exactly 2.5 years, May 22, 2017! It has been wonderful and I’m grateful for every day I get to spend with him. Josh and I are currently reading the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) books. Josh grew up loving those books but I had never read them or saw the movies until being married to Josh. I first watched the movies about a year ago and I wasn’t that impressed, probably to the dismay of Josh because he loves the stories. He asked me to read The Hobbit, the prequel to the LOTR series with him and I reluctantly agreed. We ended up finishing the book pretty quickly because I really liked it. After reading the Hobbit, I agreed to reading the actual LOTR series. There have been some slow parts but overall I have really enjoyed them and we just finished reading The Two Towers. After we have read certain parts and the book, we watch the corresponding movie part and I have really started to love the movies as well. We have even watched a lot of the behind the scenes video clips about making of LOTR. I guess I have been converted. #Nerd

I decided to write a little bit about our wedding rings because of our 2.5 year anniversary AND our reading The Lord of the Rings series. When Josh and I were dating, we decided to ride the train up to Salt Lake City to explore and go shopping. One of the stores we visited was Charming Charlie, because I really like jewelry and I really like Charming Charlie. As we were browsing jewelry, Josh sneakily brought up the topic asking about what kind of wedding/engagement ring I liked. I told him I wanted a yellow gold ring with a pearl center and diamonds surrounding the pearl. I think he was surprised a little at my specifications, but I was 27 and I had a while to think about what I wanted. 🙂 I told him I’ve always loved the beach so I wanted a pearl and I love the process of how pearls are created. Essentially, “Natural pearls form when an irritant – usually a parasite and not the proverbial grain of sand – works its way into an oyster, mussel, or clam. As a defense mechanism, a fluid is used to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating, called ‘nacre’, is deposited until a lustrous pearl is formed.” ( I think there are a lot of parallels to life with that process… I also wanted the ring to look like the shape of the sun because I’ve always wanted a Celestial marriage and my middle name is Brighten. My parents gave me that name so I would remember to brighten the lives of those around me. So, I’ve always loved the symbol of the sun. It’s even on the flag of Uruguay, where I served my LDS mission (a story for another time) :). Josh was amazing because he found a beautiful ring with those specifications in 2 weeks, which was 3 weeks after we had the conversation in Salt Lake City. He was able to propose on the 2 month anniversary of our first date, August 23!

Josh has a metal allergy, which he told me during that visit to Salt Lake City, so he was limited with what types of rings he could have as a wedding band. He told me he just wanted me to pick. I wanted to make it special and different because I think titanium and tungsten rings are kind of ugly in general and basically the only options for him were titanium or tungsten. After a lot of research, I found this really cool online store based in Hawaii that made custom titanium rings with wood and gems. I wanted his ring to resemble mine as much as it could so I chose a really light Hawaiian wood to outline the ring  and to match the gold in my ring and then asked them to do a strip of crushed pearls in the middle. I also asked them to engrave a scripture reference from the Book of Mormon that says,

“And they were married, and given in marriage, and were blessed according to the multitude of the promises which the Lord had made unto them. And they did not walk any more after the performances and ordinances of the law of Moses; but they did walk after the commandments which they had received from their Lord and their God, continuing in fasting and prayer, and in meeting together oft both to pray and to hear the word of the Lord. And it came to pass that there was no contention among all the people, in all the land; but there were mighty miracles wrought among the disciples of Jesus. And it came to pass that the seventy and first year passed away, and also the seventy and second year, yea, and in fine, till the seventy and ninth year had passed away; yea, even an hundred years had passed away, and the disciples of Jesus, whom he had chosen, had all gone to the paradise of God, save it were the three who should tarry; and there were other disciples ordained in their stead; and also many of that generation had passed away. And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people. And there were no envyings, nor strifes, nor tumults, nor whoredoms, nor lyings, nor murders, nor any manner of lasciviousness; and surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God. There were no robbers, nor murderers, neither were there Lamanites, nor any manner of -ites; but they were in one, the children of Christ, and heirs to the kingdom of God. And how blessed were they! For the Lord did bless them in all their doings; yea, even they were blessed and prospered until an hundred and ten years had passed away; and the first generation from Christ had passed away, and there was no contention in all the land.” 4th Nephi, 1:11-18.

I also asked them to engrave the phrase,”I love you like crazy.” We liked to say that to each other and we still do like to say that to each other. 🙂 I was nervous about how he would like the ring because he didn’t give me much input and I obviously really wanted him to like the ring. Fortunately, this ring story has a happy ending and he did like it. 🙂

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